Hello, I'm Kanaka.
I make things.

This is what I've made.

Well, not just the buttons. Click to see more!

This is what I do.

Really, really well!

3D Modelling

Rhino Specialist

VRay Rendering Expert

Photoshop Post-processing

Model Prototyping

Digital Design

Parametric Architecture

Grasshopper Ninja

Digital Fabrication

Python Scripting


AutoCAD Champion

Installations + Show Windows

Interior Design

Detailing + Working Drawings

Graphic Design


Web Design

Logo Design + Branding


This is who I am.

A teeny, tiny introduction!

Designer. Architect. Illustrator. Avid doodler. Crazy dog lady. Lover of good coffee. Jazz enthusiast. Nerd. Hipster (maybe).

All in all, super fun... Really!